Connected Bloodlines

Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA



Latitude: 44.0789574, Longitude: -69.1816955


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 KEEN, Deborah  1764Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I528
2 BARTLETT, William  4 Nov 1776Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I22200
3 LOWELL, Reuben B.  25 Aug 1786Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I577
4 LOWELL, Rosamus K.  3 Aug 1788Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I574
5 LOWELL, Hannah  23 Dec 1790Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I573
6 LOWELL, Charles C.  1 Oct 1793Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I568
7 LOWELL, Archibald C.  1 Oct 1795Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I566
8 BARTLETT, Ephraim Snow  2 Feb 1797Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I22210
9 LOWELL, Simeon  17 May 1797Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I565
10 LOWELL, Rev. Josiah Ingraham "J. I."  10 May 1799Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I558
11 LOWELL, Joshua Adam  20 Mar 1801Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I556
12 LOWELL, Mary  14 Jan 1803Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I555
13 LOWELL, Henry Clay  1 Sep 1804Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I536
14 LOWELL, Simeon Bartlett  29 Jul 1806Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I530
15 LOWELL, Lucy  1808Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I529
16 LOWELL, Martha Ann  4 May 1829Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I535
17 POST, Daniel E.  27 Apr 1830Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I3428
18 LOWELL, John Quincy Adams  3 Sep 1830Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I534
19 POST, Ephraim E.  31 Jan 1832Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I3429
20 LOWELL, Daniel G.  5 Apr 1833Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I533


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 LOWELL, Simeon  14 Jun 1798Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I565
2 LOWELL, Mary  28 Nov 1803Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I555
3 LOWELL, Rosamus  27 Jul 1829Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I527
4 KEEN, Deborah  4 Feb 1838Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I528
5 POST, Daniel E.  11 Jan 1863Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I3428
6 POST, Nellie M.  15 Mar 1963Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA I3459


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 EMERY / DEAN  Abt 1786Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA F323
2 BARTLETT / MARTIN  7 Jan 1788Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA F16476
3 LOWELL / EMERY  17 May 1817Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA F199
4 LOWELL / EMERY  8 Jun 1817Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA F1755
5 POST / EMERY  2 Apr 1829Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA F15800
6 POST / SIMONTON  31 Dec 1834Thomaston, Knox, Maine, USA F1454