Connected Bloodlines

Kittery, York, Maine, USA



Latitude: 43.0881256, Longitude: -70.73613699999999


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 PECKHAM, Ida F.  Mar 1860Kittery, York, Maine, USA I21434
2 NEWSON, David W.   I21824
3 NEWSON, Clarence G.  20 May 1875Kittery, York, Maine, USA I21431
4 NEAL, Johnson  4 Apr 1725Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1683
5 NEAL, Andrew  Abt 1664Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1657
6 LORD, Mary  Abt 1658Kittery, York, Maine, USA I6748
7 HILL, James  31 Dec 1734Kittery, York, Maine, USA I5882
8 HEARD, Shuah  25 Jan 1694Kittery, York, Maine, USA I20888
9 GOOLD, Samuel  8 Aug 1728Kittery, York, Maine, USA I5893
10 GATCHELL, Everett Calvin  Abt 1869Kittery, York, Maine, USA I21428
11 GATCHELL, Alice Linscott  20 Nov 1876Kittery, York, Maine, USA I21430
12 FURBUSH, William  19 Mar 1703Kittery, York, Maine, USA I901
13 FURBUSH, William  1683Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1662
14 FURBUSH, Stephen  12 Apr 1770Kittery, York, Maine, USA I5672
15 FURBUSH, Sarah  Abt 1772Kittery, York, Maine, USA I5673
16 FURBUSH, Sarah  Abt 1706Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1637
17 FURBUSH, Sarah  Abt 1673Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1658
18 FURBUSH, Rebecca  19 Apr 1694Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1633
19 FURBUSH, Mary  Abt 1714Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1641
20 FURBUSH, Katherine  Abt 1708Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1638
21 FURBUSH, Joseph  Abt 1710Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1639
22 FURBUSH, Lt. John  19 Apr 1699Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1634
23 FURBUSH, Joanna  14 Jul 1701Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1635
24 FURBUSH, James  Jul 1735Kittery, York, Maine, USA I4676
25 FURBUSH, Jacob  10 Nov 1755Kittery, York, Maine, USA I892
26 FURBUSH, Hopewell  12 May 1672Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1649
27 FURBUSH, Dorothy  19 Mar 1704Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1636
28 FURBUSH, Daniel  9 Mar 1690Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1632
29 FURBUSH, Bethiah  1680Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1660
30 FURBUSH, Benjamin  Abt 1712Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1640
31 FURBISH, William Cutter  22 Jan 1798Kittery, York, Maine, USA I5706
32 FURBISH, William Jr.  20 Jun 1736Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1681
33 FURBISH, Sarah  30 Jun 1736Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1682
34 FURBISH, Martha  17 May 1799Kittery, York, Maine, USA I5707
35 FURBISH, Isaac  27 Mar 1751Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1685
36 FURBISH, Hannah Stacy  17 Apr 1801Kittery, York, Maine, USA I5708
37 DOWNS, Ebenezer  1685Kittery, York, Maine, USA I6753
38 DENNETT, John  20 May 1729Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1676
39 DEANE, Annie M.  19 Nov 1877Kittery, York, Maine, USA I21429
40 ALLEN, Robert  24 Jul 1710Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1670


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 WENTWORTH, Jessie Irene  30 Jun 1928Kittery, York, Maine, USA I21442
2 PRAY, Dorothy  Aft 11 Feb 1745/46Kittery, York, Maine, USA I904
3 NEWSON, Doris  11 Sep 2002Kittery, York, Maine, USA I21438
4 NEWSON, Clarence G.  31 Mar 1955Kittery, York, Maine, USA I21431
5 NEAL, Andrew  Aug 1739Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1657
6 HUTCHINS, Enoch Jr.  3 Apr 1706Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1650
7 GATCHELL, Calvin W.  12 Oct 1907Kittery, York, Maine, USA I21203
8 GATCHELL, Alice Linscott  20 Jan 1955Kittery, York, Maine, USA I21430
9 FURBUSH, William  1758/1761Kittery, York, Maine, USA I901
10 FURBUSH, Sarah  1715Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1658
11 FURBUSH, Meads  7 Apr 1819Kittery, York, Maine, USA I5665
12 FURBUSH, Lt. John  1755Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1634
13 FURBUSH, Hopewell  Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1649
14 FURBUSH, Daniel  9 Feb 1771Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1632
15 FURBUSH, Daniel  11 Feb 1745Kittery, York, Maine, USA I903
16 FURBUSH, Catherine  1755Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1656
17 FURBISH, Sarah  12 Nov 1820Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1682
18 DOWNES, Thomas  1711Kittery, York, Maine, USA I6747
19 DOWNAM, Joanna  9 Sep 1699Kittery, York, Maine, USA I1631
20 DEANE, Annie M.  17 Nov 1945Kittery, York, Maine, USA I21429
21 BARTLETT, Nathan Sr.  1775Kittery, York, Maine, USA I20887


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 PRAY / DOWNAM  7 May 1657Kittery, York, Maine, USA F766
2 NEAL / FURBISH  29 Jan 1756Kittery, York, Maine, USA F793
3 LORD / FURBISH  8 Aug 1750/1752Kittery, York, Maine, USA F792
4 HILL / NEAL  12 Jan 1726Kittery, York, Maine, USA F2207
5 HEARD / HULL  1643Kittery, York, Maine, USA F2489
6 HALL / FURBUSH  13 Apr 1733Kittery, York, Maine, USA F772
7 FURBUSH / PRAY  Abt 1688Kittery, York, Maine, USA F469
8 FURBUSH / HUSSEY  3 Jun 1740Kittery, York, Maine, USA F775
9 FROST / FURBISH  25 Jan 1821Kittery, York, Maine, USA F2152
10 DENNETT / FURBISH  26 Jun 1754Kittery, York, Maine, USA F790