Connected Bloodlines

Illinois, USA



Latitude: 40.6331249, Longitude: -89.3985283


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Minnie C.  Abt 1865Illinois, USA I3295
2 ?, Pet  Abt 1877Illinois, USA I3300
3 ?, Sadie E.  Abt 1890Illinois, USA I4081
4 ADAMS, Frederick Milton  30 Dec 1862Illinois, USA I4503
5 ADAMS, Victor Lyman  24 Nov 1860Illinois, USA I4502
6 BEIM, Carol Marie  Abt 1955Illinois, USA I19697
7 BLACKMAN, Maria  Abt 1824Illinois, USA I3542
8 BLOCK, Orville E.  15 Oct 1912Illinois, USA I1385
9 BOSSERMAN, James E.  23 Aug 1846Illinois, USA I16067
10 BUTCHER, Julia Maria  May 1850Illinois, USA I3380
11 BUTCHER, Lina “Linnie” C.  Abt 1853Illinois, USA I3381
12 BUTTS, Janette  17 Nov 1846Illinois, USA I11128
13 CARTER, Alfred  Abt 1860Illinois, USA I3550
14 CASWELL, Addison P.  Abt 1871Illinois, USA I4669
15 CASWELL, Arthur D.  Abt 1876Illinois, USA I4670
16 CASWELL, Earl  Abt 1877Illinois, USA I4662
17 CASWELL, Eleanor  Abt 1869Illinois, USA I4668
18 CASWELL, Emma  Abt 1867Illinois, USA I4667
19 CASWELL, Fannie  Abt 1873Illinois, USA I4661
20 CASWELL, Mary Esther  Oct 1879Illinois, USA I4671
21 CHARTIER, Camille  1869Illinois, USA I4663
22 CONROY, John  Abt 1910Illinois, USA I20868
23 CONROY, Joseph Frances "Frank"  Dec 1898Illinois, USA I20866
24 CONROY, Josephine  15 Feb 1901Illinois, USA I20802
25 CONROY, Louise  Abt 1903Illinois, USA I20867
26 CROSBY, Randall Simpson  4 Nov 1916Illinois, USA I18573
27 DAGEN, Mary  3 Jun 1900Illinois, USA I1451
28 FURBUSH, Franklin  Abt 1864Illinois, USA I7228
29 GOLDSTON, Henrietta  Abt 1868Illinois, USA I20812
30 GRONEWALD, Fred  13 Jun 1906Illinois, USA I2172
31 HABROCK, Crystal  27 Oct 1906Illinois, USA I2217
32 HEPBURN, Geraldine  Abt 1902Illinois, USA I3302
33 HEPBURN, Grace  Abt 1876Illinois, USA I3298
34 HEPBURN, Leonard P.  Abt 1878Illinois, USA I3299
35 HEPBURN, Steven  Abt 1900Illinois, USA I3301
36 HEPPENSTALL, George F.  Abt 1880Illinois, USA I2796
37 HUMES, Maravera  Abt 1830Illinois, USA I4864
38 KETTLESON, Albert Henry  12 Apr 1907Illinois, USA I1767
39 KRAL, Anna Alice  6 Jun 1888Illinois, USA I4098
40 LABAHN, Carl Peter  14 Feb 1924Illinois, USA I8689
41 LOWELL, Grace   I2218
42 MITCHELL, Daniel G.  Abt 1859Illinois, USA I3291
43 MITCHELL, Edna M.  Abt 1876Illinois, USA I3296
44 MITCHELL, Fanny L.  Abt 1863Illinois, USA I3554
45 MITCHELL, Flora L.  Abt 1864Illinois, USA I3555
46 MITCHELL, Harriet  Abt 1849Illinois, USA I3293
47 MITCHELL, Mary Ella  Abt 1855Illinois, USA I3289
48 MITCHELL, Viola A.  Abt 1858Illinois, USA I3290
49 MITCHELL, William Henry  Abt 1850Illinois, USA I3288
50 MITTMAN, Ruth C.  12 Jul 1893Illinois, USA I1098
51 NORBY, George Kenneth  6 Jul 1921Illinois, USA I1698
52 PELTCHER, William Arthur "Bill"  10 Apr 1916Illinois, USA I19576
53 PETERSON, Eli  1840Illinois, USA I7566
54 POOLE, Harry J.  14 Sep 1880Illinois, USA I4389
55 PORTER, Luie B.  Abt 1904Illinois, USA I4793
56 RODERICK, Eli D.  29 Apr 1857Illinois, USA I7439
57 ROWELL, Anne  3 Dec 1919Illinois, USA I1975
58 SCHMELING, Emil R.  2 Feb 1882Illinois, USA I2001
59 SCHMELING, Laura  Sep 1895Illinois, USA I2160
60 SCHMELING, Walter  Sep 1887Illinois, USA I2159
61 SHEETS, Bertha Lucinda  12 Apr 1875Illinois, USA I4515
62 TRUMBULL, Ida  Abt 1856Illinois, USA I3548
63 WAKEY, Charles  19 Jan 1884Illinois, USA I877
64 WINGATE, E. Page  10 Feb 1890Illinois, USA I4077
65 WINGATE, Orrin P.  2 Apr 1886Illinois, USA I4076
66 YOUNGERMAN, Martha Elizabeth  1874Illinois, USA I3593


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ?, Ellen “Ella”  Bef 1920Illinois, USA I4660
2 MITCHELL, Daniel G.  Between 1920 and 1930Illinois, USA I3291
3 TOWNSEND, Richard L. "Dickie"  30 Dec 1982Illinois, USA I22099
4 WINGATE, Levi Albert  Bef 1910Illinois, USA I3545


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MITCHELL / ?  Abt 1882Illinois, USA F1407