Connected Bloodlines

Etne, Hordaland, Norway


Latitude: 59.66939656275873, Longitude: 5.935558166406281


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ELLINGSEN, Kristen  26 Jul 1889Etne, Hordaland, Norway I23086
2 ELLINGSEN, Margrete  29 May 1892Etne, Hordaland, Norway I23087
3 ERIKSEN, Nils  1622Etne, Hordaland, Norway I9157
4 ERIKSEN, Tore  Abt 1530Etne, Hordaland, Norway I9838
5 FRETTE, Erik  Abt 1500Etne, Hordaland, Norway I9839
6 FRETTE, Nils  Abt 1560Etne, Hordaland, Norway I9836
7 LARSEN, Sigrid  14 May 1887Etne, Hordaland, Norway I22642
8 NILSDTR, Kristi  1655Etne, Hordaland, Norway I9435
9 NILSDTR, Magdela  1676Etne, Hordaland, Norway I9441
10 NILSEN, Erik  Abt 1590Etne, Hordaland, Norway I9834
11 NILSEN, Erik  Abt 1662Etne, Hordaland, Norway I9438
12 NILSEN, Hans  1664Etne, Hordaland, Norway I9440
13 NILSEN, Jon  Abt 1682Etne, Hordaland, Norway I9833
14 NILSEN, Nils  1680Etne, Hordaland, Norway I9443
15 TORESEN, Randi  Abt 1565Etne, Hordaland, Norway I9837


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ERIKSEN, Nils  1700Etne, Hordaland, Norway I9157
2 FRANTZDTR, Anna  11 Dec 1881Etne, Hordaland, Norway I9116
3 JONESDTR RYG, Valborg  8 Nov 1913Etne, Hordaland, Norway I21795
4 RASMUSDATTER, Siri  Etne, Hordaland, Norway I9158


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 FRANTZDTR, Anna  16 Dec 1881Etne, Hordaland, Norway I9116