Connected Bloodlines

Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA



Latitude: 44.1036914, Longitude: -69.1089293


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 LOWELL, Julia Ann Hewitt  12 Jul 1818Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I571
2 LOWELL, Adelia Maria  1820Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I570
3 LOWELL, Agnes R.  5 Feb 1825Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I554
4 MORGAN, Nancy A.  Abt 1826Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I542
5 LOWELL, Rossamus C.  3 Aug 1826Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I543
6 LOWELL, Reuben H.  13 Dec 1827Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I541
7 LOWELL, Charles Lawrence  3 Oct 1829Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I540
8 LOWELL, Maria S.  10 May 1831Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I539
9 LOWELL, Caroline Augusta  27 May 1836Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I538
10 FURBUSH, Wealthy Viola  8 Feb 1844Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I268
11 LOWELL, Julia Williams  1846Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I546
12 LOWELL, Joseph Hewitt  4 Mar 1847Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I545
13 LOWELL, Oliver Amsbury  14 Mar 1855Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I547
14 POST, Frank E.  9 Apr 1861Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I3447
15 POST, Nellie J.  8 Feb 1865Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I3448
16 SLEEPER, Eugene Bohernais  Abt 1867Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I21157
17 PRESCOTT, Frank S.  27 Sep 1893Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I3451
18 PHILBROOK, Lawrence E.  13 Nov 1917Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I3469
19 PRESCOTT, Stanley A.  9 Feb 1920Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I3453


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARTLETT, Samuel  9 Feb 1813Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I1500
2 LOWELL, Maria S.  24 Feb 1838Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I539
3 LOWELL, Julia Ann Hewitt  3 Jan 1839Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I571
4 LOWELL, Joseph Hewitt  20 Sep 1849Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I545
5 LOWELL, Rossamus C.  9 Apr 1856Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I543
6 POST, Ephraim E.  27 Oct 1913Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I3429
7 POST, Arthur J.  2 Mar 1970Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I3460
8 PRESCOTT, Frank S.  1973Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I3451
9 SPEAR, Marion N.  Nov 1976Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I3462
10 PHILBROOK, Lawrence E.  16 Dec 1985Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA I3469


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 LOWELL / BEATTIE  22 May 1844Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F194
2 LOWELL / MORGAN  2 Apr 1848Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F193
3 BRACKLEY / KELLY  11 Jan 1850Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F685
4 POST / SIMONTON  10 Feb 1852Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F1448
5 POST / BURROUGHS  5 Oct 1883Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F1450
6 PRESCOTT / POST  26 Oct 1887Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F1455
7 PHILBROOK / POST  21 Jun 1905Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F1460
8 POST / SPEAR  7 Oct 1909Rockland, Knox, Maine, USA F1461