Connected Bloodlines

Country Life Revisited: Part 04: Transcription



Gm = Hazel Louise Miller Lowell

Gp = George John Lowell

J = Gerald Ray Lowell

M = Mitchell Scott Block

J: I wonder if there was a fire or something.

Gm: There could have been. It could have burned down and maybe what was left they just dumped into the basement and covered it over.

M: Uh-huh.

Gm: Maybe they just shoved it in there.

Yeah, boy, that is a steep hill, Jerry! Yeah, that is a big hill.

M: Yeah, that’s funny because usually, those childhood memories -- you get here and you find out it’s flat.

J: Were these other buildings all here when you were here?

Gm: That barn was there and that building was there. And that one was down there and that one was kind of a, yeah, that was a hog house.

J: Looks like a hog house from here.

Was this little shack over here also there?

Gm: Yeah, I think that was there too. Yeah, this one was here too. ‘Cause this was the one that Grandpa came home with his first car. And that’s got a driveway in the middle of it. And there was a load of corn on one end waiting to be unloaded and he came up this other end here and then when he got started up in there he didn’t know how to stop it. That was the first time he drove it home. He hollered and was hanging on and yelling "Whoa, whoa, whoa" and he banged into that load of corn and shoved it through the door. God was he mad; oh, he was mad. Dad had a temper. Gee, he was mad.

J: Oh, this is great. It’s as exciting as being at the cemetery when we found those graves of Samuel and Hannah Lowell.

M: This is even better. This is a real live thing.

Gm: Whew!

J: Bug on ya?

I have to find something to bring back.

M: Yeah, I was wondering about that, Jerry.

J: You two guys stay right here and wait.

Gm: Okay, we’ll go down here in the shade.

J: Yeah, hold on, Grandma.

M: Grandma, hold onto me.

No, you’re holding onto me to protect me from the bugs.

Gm: Okay.

Well, this one ankle of mine is swollen up all the time and it’s a little touchy.

M: Yeah, look at the difference between the two.

Gm: Yeah, see? That’s the arthritis in that. I can be going along just like this and then I can just fall over.

He’s down there looking through stuff.

M: I was surprised that Jerry wasn’t taking something, ‘cause I wanted to take something as a souvenir.

Gm: Take it.

M: Well, he’ll take it.

I thought, “How could you come here and not take something back with you?"

Gm: Look at that little rock.

That will look nice in my birdbath.

M: Uh huh. Do you want me to hold it for you?

Gm: Yeah.

M: I’ll stick it in my pocket.

Gm: I’ll have you all loaded down.

I don’t think that a car has even driven by.

M: It sure doesn’t look it.

Gm: See now, this is quite a high hill.

M: Oh yeah.

Gm: And for little kids, that would be...

M: Well, this also surprised me because all of the other old farms that I’ve seen, you know, the old family farms, they’re all right on the road.

Gm: Yeah, this one here the house was in the back.

Over in there was where the plum trees, brush and all that stuff was. But you know, with little kids nine years old, when we left, when I left here, so I must have been about …Dammit! [A fly bites Grandma.] What did we see, or did we hear? We could see him coming over the hill or something. You know, from there, you had a pretty good view. When Dad used to go to town and they’d leave at 6 or so in the morning and would come home about 7-8 at night and it’d be dark. The one living room window looked that way and we used to crawl in bed on the couch and put a big heavy pillow over us and cover up our heads and every once and a while we would peek out to see if they were coming over the hill. They had a lantern on the wagon. But, I remember one night, one time after they’d gone, a gypsy wagon come; and anyhow, Dad had a shotgun and Cliff, we got to thinking that well, maybe, if we just took that shotgun and shot a shell off or shot up in the air, it would scare them away. So we get that thing down, it’s a wonder that one of us didn’t get killed. It hadn’t been shot I guess for years, but Cliff knew where there was a shell and he got the shell and put it in. He stood down by the side of the pump. He put, darn, there’s another one [another fly bite], that thing up in the air and shot it and boy, it knocked him just flat on his back.

J: Grandma, Grandpa won’t let me take it.

Gm: What are you going to do with that at your house?

M: Ooooo. What is that?

Gm: I’ll bet that was on the house. There used to be stuff along the house.

J: The house?

M: Wow!

It sure is.

Gm: How are you going to get it back on the plane?

J: Isn’t this neat?

M: We’ll buy it a ticket.

Look at that scalloped edge.

Gm: The outside edge… I wish I had a picture of that house.

M: I wish we‘d thought to bring Alice's camera with us today.

Gm: Dang those flies.

M: Yeah, when we were standing up in that field there was one that just wouldn’t leave me alone, but now that I’m standing next to you, they’re all bothering you. You’re sweeter.

Gm: It’s my hair spray. That’s what it is.

J: The other side’s probably better [The other track of the 2-track road].

M: Yeah, except this side is better right now at this point. Now’s a good time to switch over.

Gm: Do you want to go ahead Jerry and walk faster?

J: Well, I found a little piece.

That was a chicken coop. Was it a chicken coop? Did you have chickens?

There was a row of about 10 boxes.

Gm: Yeah, we had a chicken coop down in that area. There’s the chicken coop and that other little one was the hog house.

J: You know the building that you said Grandpa drove the car through?

Gm: Yeah?

J: To the right of there.

Yeah, that little shed.

Gm: Yeah, that was the hog house. That was where the goat used to jump over the fence.

J: Whoever had it later on, they put in about 9-10 nesting boxes for chickens.

Gm: Oh, uh-huh.

That wasn't so bad.

M: No.

Gm: I didn't even get my shoes dirty. Look at us dragging all of this stuff back.

[Laughter among the three of us.]

Years ago, we’d be driving along , and there’d be pretty weeds or something. I’d say “Hey wait, I want to get some of that.” But George would say “No, you don’t need any of that.” But anyhow, Roger, he was the one. He’d stop the car and jump out. I’d ask him, “What are you going to do?” There are some pretty weeds that are all twisted up, and they were pretty, so he was always going and getting me stuff. But when we were out in Grass Valley in California where that manzanita was, his wife [friends of Grandma and Grandpa] was always doing that kind of stuff and she saw a great big blackened thing that she wanted and she said that she don’t dare put it in. They had a big car, you know. “Can I tell him you want that?” I told her that that’d be alright. So she’d say “Hazel wants that.”

J: We got to show you this, Grandpa.


No, it looks like it’s a mantel from the house or something.

There you go [getting through the barbed wire]