Connected Bloodlines

Country Life Revisited: Part 08: Transcription



Gm = Hazel Louise Miller Lowell

Gp = George John Lowell

J = Gerald Ray Lowell

M = Mitchell Scott Block

Gm: Sun's coming out, we're going to see a rainbow.

J: Grandpa, they just did this to wash the gravel off.

Gp: Now the next road you come up to is 41st street.

J: This is Jack’s road here now, the road that we’re on.

Gm: Yeah.

This is about 4-5 years old, this….

Gp: Oh, it’s more than that.

That was there when Jeff ____ [name not recognizable] was still out here.

Gm: They get a lot of hail around here.

This is Jack's farm to the left now.

Look at that house way back there.

M: Oh yeah, way back there.

Gm: And this little yellow one has been out here for a number of years.

J: Look at all the hay bales rolled up around Jack's place.

Gp: Jack’s got a big rock out here…

J: There it is.

Gp: He wants for a marker for his grave.

J: Oh really?

Gm: His uncle’s got one out there by that little country church on his grave with a great big boulder like that.

Is somebody living in Jack's farm now?

Gp: That Randy Jacobs. [Unable to verify.]

Gm: Oh.

His wife never came back did she?

Gp: I don’t know whether he’s married again or just shacking up with a gal.

Gm: Boy, look at how all these trees have died.

J: Yeah, look at them all.

Gp: Well, the water got high and just…

J: The slough’s even bigger here, it looks like. Has it?

Gp: Oh, I don’t think so.

J: There’s a stock pond over here.

Gp: You know, where all these cattails are, that was an open slough up there, we used to go wading there when I was a kid.

J: Oh, really?

Look at that farm up there.

Gp: Right to our right coming up in that grove is where I was born.

Gm: Mitch, this is where we moved to. My Dad bought this farm after we left the one we were in out there.

J: Did you buy it from Grandpa Lowell, right?

Gp: No.

There was another owner in between.

J: Oh look, there’s a house going up.

Gm: Oh, George, look. We saw that last time when we were here.

Oh, look at that.

J: Oh, that’s beautiful.

Gm: Isn’t that pretty.

M: Now that’s not where you were born, is it?

Gp: No, you look in here now, in this driveway.

And, the high part of that house, my grandfather brought the lumber out from Wisconsin.

Gm: Yeah, the high part of that house.

J: You know the picture we got of John Fairfield in the rocking chair out in front of the house?

M: Yeah.

J: This is that house.

Gm: Yeah, that high part he brought from Wisconsin. In that train, when he came in the train.

Gp: And right down here used to be the best darn wild plums that you'd ever had.

J: A lot of the fruit trees are gone now. There’s the chicken coop. They’ve got chickens in it now, again.

Gm: There aren’t any plums to the left of us now?

J: I don’t see any.

Gm: They killed them all with spray and now this junk is growing up. They keep doing it.

J: Oh here. Yeah, there are some.

Is that right?

Look at them all. They came back.

M: Wow.

Gp: Good sized ones.

J: They’re nice though.

M: Yeah, look at all the fruit on there.

Gm: This belongs to Jack.

Gp: Yes, but he rents it, so Jack isn’t in possession of it anymore.

J: So Grandpa, your father sold the farm to somebody else before Max MillerMax Miller?

Gp: Yup, he sold it to Bill Pool’s Dad.

Gm: Oh, look at the rainbow, to the left!

M: Oh, yeah.

J: Oh, yeah, A complete one.

Look at it.

M: Wow!

J: Can you see it Grandpa?

Gp: Yeah.

J: Oh, it’s beautiful.

Have you ever seen a complete one, Mitchell?

M: No.

J: Look at it, isn’t it stunning. Look, it’s going right down over here. See where it's ending, right here.

Gm: Right here in this field.

Gp: Do you want to run over there and see what’s at the end of the rainbow?

J: I’ve never seen a complete one for ages. Look at it.

M: I've never seen a complete one.

Gm: Isn’t that pretty.

J: Oh, look to the north it’s a double one, look, there's a double one starting.

Gm: Yeah, there’s one behind.

M: A second one.

J: Have you ever seen a double rainbow?

Gp: It's sharper to the north.v

M: Can I get out?

J: Oh yeah, get out.

Gp: Just watch out in case anyone is coming.

M: Oooo. [It still is raining outside.] [Mitchell gets back in the car.]

J: Isn’t that great?

M: It’s still raining.


Gm: And there’s another one. Right above that.

J: It only goes halfway up because of the clouds.

Gp: To the north, that’s real sharp.

M: Yeah. Look at that.

J: There's a family of quail right down here.


J: No, they’re quail. See them running across the field.

M: Oh yeah, walking.

J: Right straight out in the field.

Gm: Are you sure those are quail. They’re more likely to be pheasant.

M: No, they look like quail. That’s quail.

J: They’re little.

M: Now straight to the left.

Gp: They’re chicks.

J: Shouldn’t pheasants be further along now?

Gm: Oh no, not necessarily.

M: Oh that could be pheasants.

Gm: Look at them all in there.

M: Look at all of them.

Gp: Where?