Connected Bloodlines

Country Life Revisited: Part 01: Transcription




Gm = Hazel Louise Miller Lowell

Gp = George John Lowell

J = Gerald Ray Lowell

M = Mitchell Scott Block

J: We're off.

Gp: On that climate control, you can put it over to your right.

M: What do you usually set it at when you're going? The temperature?

Gp: 80 degrees, 70 degrees.

Gm: Oh the temperature? Turn that way down.

Gp: We just use it where we feel comfortable.

J: How should I go, Grandpa? You can tell me what to do.

Gp: Well, why don’t you go this way.

J: Head that way? You can be the tour guide.

Gp: OK.

J: I’ll be the chauffeur.

Gp: OK.

J: And Mitchell will be the passenger.

M: Or, I could be the tour guide; I'll just make it up as we go along.

Gp: Go out 15th to Kiwanis, over Kiwanis to 12th Street, go out 12th street ‘til you get to the Interstate, take the Interstate down to 41st street. Are you following me?

J: I'm going to go out 15th to Kiwanis, over Kiwanis to 12th Street, go out 12th street ‘til I get to the Interstate, and then take the Interstate down to 41st street.

Gp: You know what, all that lingo reminds me of what you said about your brother telling you how to get…

M: You take the D train to West 4th street, you go up the stairs go down the ramp and switch to the RR…

J: Last night, we were driving home and when we had left Pipestone…

Gp: How’s our gas? We got a half a tank.

J: That was my story. We needed gas coming down and Dad wanted to buy gas and I said "Are you sure that we don't have enough to get home with, to get down to Sioux Falls with because it was so hot." Dad said "Oh, yeah, we have enough to get down there but we would need some to get home. So, I’m driving home and we totally forgot about the gas. Totally forgot about the gas. And, all of a sudden, I looked down and here we were real close to empty.

Gp: And, when that car says empty, you’re empty too.

J: And that's what Dad said too.

J: So, we got off at the gas station at Brandon... Oh, we forgot those people's names, we were going to tell Grandpa and Grandma. ...and Dad filled the car up and came back to the car, just chuckling to beat the band and he said, “I went in there and this man looked at me and he said, ‘You’re a Lowell, aren’t you?”

And, Dad said “Yeah.” “Jimmy, aren’t ya? And, Dad said “Yeah.” Well, my family was the whatever what not, Engelbrits?...

M: It sounded like his parents knew you.

J: ...knew you people and lived out here someplace or somewhere.

Gm: Where did they live?

J: They lived on 16th, wasn't it? We forgot...the name wasn't familiar to me.

J: Is this the person that has that...

Gp: Yeah, that's the wise crack.

M: Oh, so he's in the Navy reserves.

Gp: Yeah, he's in the reserves, I think.

Gm: Who's that?

Gp: The kid across the street.

J: Are you too hot, too cold, back there, Grandma and Grandpa?

Gp: No, we're very comfortable.

Gm: If that's too cold for you, turn it down.

Gp: Here, now we can put this down here [the armrest in the middle of the front seat]... Is that pretty low? [Referring to the tape recorder.]

J: No, that's fine.

Gm: Then you can turn the fan down a little.

Gp: After it gets cooled down.

M: Are you comfortable back there?

Gp: Very comfortable.

Gm: Oh no, this is fine.

Gp: The reason I put that arm get a lot more air.

Gp: Remember when you two guys came over from California? This car was pretty new then. We took that tour up to Carefree and... all around.

J: Way up high on that mountain top. That's where we had ice cream, Grandma, for our morning break. Did we ever tell you that? It was great having Grandpa along because we could do whatever we wanted to.

Gm: Grandma wasn't feeling well.

Gm: You won’t get any complaints out of me having ice cream!

Gp: You were feeling a little under the weather that day.

Gm: Oh that’s right. Dad went with you.

J: Well, this is fun. I was driving over here and I said that we should ask Grandma and Grandpa if they wouldn't mind taking a ride to show us where this place was since I didn't ever know where your grandparents' place was.

Gm: Oh, my grandparents?

J: Yeah, where...

Gp: Well, they want to go to the “17 miles west” place.

Gm: I was thinking of Leubecher’s place.

J: They were first in the north end area.

Gm: They were just below the penitentiary.

Gp: Well, you know, when you go down to Falls Park and just before you cross the river bridge going east, just west of the river, there used to be a regular jungle down there. We used to go down there for picnics when I was a kid.

J: Does their place still exist?

Gp: I don’t think so.

Gm: No, they had a little one room shack or something like that and they built on to it and built on to it.

Gp: Say, there’s a truck there just like your Dad had when we went out west. Same color and everything.

Now, if you’d like to take a secondary road, you can go all the way out to Wall Lake on this road. It doesn’t really matter.

J: Which would you rather have me do? We’re going to let you do the guiding.

Gp: Okay, let’s go like I told you. Take the interstate here.

Gm: I never saw that from this direction.

Gp: Well, that's something kinda' new, too.

M: Here's all the construction going on.

Gm: It's that big deep quarry. The two that they are working's the south one, the quarry?

J: We learned long ago that it was best to have one navigator.

Gm: You can put that white visor down there.

Gp: Well, maybe he don't like that.

Gm: No, I mean just put the whole thing down. There. I always like it down a bit.

Gp: We just use it where we feel comfortable.

Gm: Oh look, a water slide.

Gp: Oh yeah, that’s one of the most popular entertainment places for the kids.

Right to our right there, that’s the Minnehaha County fairgrounds.

Gp: Where do they do the crushing? I think they do it on the south one.

Gm: We used to go swimming there in the quarry when we were first married.

J: That quarry hole?

Gm: Yeah, it was just like a well.

Gp: Boy, you went in there, you better know how to swim.

M: When I was in college, just outside of town there was an old rock quarry where they had hit an underground spring when they were mining and it just all filled up.

Gp: That´s what these quarries do.

M: Oh, and it was just beautiful there.

Gp: That water is just as clear as drinking water.

M: Yeah, and then some guy bought it, put a huge wire fence around it, and nobody was allowed in anymore. That's where everybody went to swim because up there, there wasn’t any place to swim.

Gm: Couples used to come to our house and change into their suits when we lived out in West Sioux and then we’d go out and go swimming.

J: Which house was it that you lived in?

Gp: Second one south of 1201.

J: Where Zuraff’s lived, right?

Gm: I don't know [the Zuraffs].

J: Yeah, I know which one it is. It was that little house...

Gp: Yeah. The Lamberts lived in the one right south there, Donnie and Mila Mae.

Gm: We lived in there the first five years that we were married.

Gp: Yeah, that's where we were living when your dad was born.

Gm: He was about 9 months old or...

Gp: Well, he was more than that...

We moved there in July and he would be two in November.

J: And then you moved into the house now where you are?

Gp: Yeah, your Dad was about a year and 9 months when we moved to 707. The other two kids were born while we were living there.

J: Grandpa, Mitchell was asking on the way down, what is the age difference between you and Charlie and Jack?

Gp: 4 1/2 years between us each.

J: Oh, there was a greater distance than I thought.

Gp: Charlie is 9 yrs younger than I am.

J: I didn’t realize that Delores’ husband, Bob, had remarried.

Gp: Oh yeah. She kinda’ straightened him out, too.

J: It sounds like she’s really nice to Nell.

Gp: She sure is.

And, really in a way, she has no connection, really, no connection with Nell.

Gm: And Mike, Delores’ son, he was just through high school. Delores had had his graduation party there and in two months she was gone.

J: Well, you know, Grandma, I was at your house the day you found out about Delores. Remember?

Gm: Were you?

J: You didn’t even know that she was in the hospital?

Gm: No, I didn’t even know…we’d been gone or something and Bob called up and said that Delores was gone.

Gp: We said, “Gone where?”

Gm: You know, I didn’t even know that she’d been sick.
Although, she'd been over to our house one night, she came down the alley and she had her dog on a leash and her mother-in-law's dog, her mother-in-law lived just across the alley from us. And she came in that night and we had chairs there and we sat and talked until it was way dark and...

Gp: You go straight on here ‘til you have to turn, which is about 10-11 miles.

Gm: And John was home that summer and he just couldn’t get over how bad Delores looked.

Gp: Yeah, I remember John made the remark “Everybody looks pretty natural except Delores. And I think she looks just terrible.” Of course, he hadn’t seen her for such a long time. We probably didn't think so much about it and we’d seen her. You know, she got this condition gradually. She had leukemia, you know.

J: Nell never told you?

Gp: Nell and Cliff didn’t even know.

Gm: She never told anybody. Not even her husband knew anything.

Gp: The only one knew about it was Delores’ brother.

J: That she had leukemia?

Gm: So, it was just the biggest shock for us. She went to the hospital and she died in the hospital.

Gp: Here’s this new Clock Tower Mall, they call it.

M: Oh, look at that. It’s nice.

J: Is this Lewis Drug?

Gp: Yup.
You know when I was a kid and my father well he had moved to town but he still had the horses and stuff and he used to haul hay, this was just a country road with two ruts in it and grass growing up in the middle.

J: 41st street? I love it.

Gm: Look at how this is built up to the right, Jerry.

Gp: And, I rode my bike out to my aunt's one time and I had a heck of a time because you pretty near had to ride in those ruts to get a hard surface and then my pedals would hit on the sides.

J: Isn’t that the schoolhouse that was built into a home?

Gm: That’s still up there.

Gp: Here’s the schoolhouse.

Gm: It was built on to and made into a home.

Gp: Yeah, that used to be a country school house.

J: Look how this is built up out here.

Gm: And they’re beautiful homes. I mean, they aren’t cracker boxes.

Gp: And this is a church, what is it, the Church of the Open Bible or something like that?
It’s the Assembly of God.

Gm: And look to your left, Jerry, how far the city goes out.
I got out in that place one time and I couldn’t believe it.

Gp: If that’s too cold for you boys...

J: Are you too cold?

Gp: No, I’m fine. You get it worse.