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Adalbert or Adalberto, King of Italy

Male Abt 932 - 971  (~ 39 years)

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  • Name Adalbert or Adalberto  
    Suffix King of Italy 
    Born Abt 932 
    Gender Male 
    Died 30 Apr 971 
    • “ADALBERTO di Ivrea ([932/936]-Autun 30 Apr 971[592]). Liudprand names "Adalbertus" as son of "Berengarius". His father installed him in 951 as ADALBERTO associate-King of Italy. When Otto I King of Germany invaded Italy in 962, Adalberto retreated with his brother Guido to fortresses near Lakes Como and Garda. Conspiring with Pope John XII, he entered Rome in Oct 963 but was put to flight by Emperor Otto in the following month, along with Pope John whom Otto deposed for his betrayal. Adalberto wandered the Mediterranean for three years unsuccessfully attempting to find support, and eventually retired to lands in the valley of the Saône. m (before [960/62]) as her first husband, GERBERGE, daughter of --- & his wife Adélaïde [de Bourgogne] ([945]-11 Dec [986/991]). Her name and her two marriages are confirmed by the Chronicle of Saint-Bénigne, interpolated into the Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines, which names "Guilelmum Ottonem et eius matrem Gerbergam" when recording that her son was adopted by his mother's second husband "dux Burgundie Henricus". Her birth date is estimated from the estimated birth date of her son in [960/62]. The Vita of Hugues Comte de Chalon refers to his (unnamed) sister as having married the Duke of Burgundy. Chronologically, this refers most probably to Duke Henri who died in 1002, although the original of this document has not yet been consulted to check whether the wording supports this conclusion. Gerrberge's origin has not yet been corroborated in the other primary sources so far consulted. The Vita appears to indicate that she was Gerberge, daughter of Lambert Comte de Chalon, but this raises several problems if it is correct. Firstly, on the death without direct heirs in 1039 of her supposed brother Hugues Comte de Chalon, the county was inherited by the comparatively obscure children of his younger sister Mathilde, apparently ignoring the superior claims of Gerberge's own numerous descendants, among whom were the powerful counts palatine of Burgundy who, one would have thought, would not have missed the opportunity of acquiring another county. Rodulfus Glaber does record that "Hugo filius Lanberti Cabilonensis comitis…episcopus Autissioderi" was an opponent of "Willemus, Henrici ducis priuignus, Adalberti Longobardorum ducis filius"[596], which could explain why Bishop Hugues favoured his nephew by his younger sister to succeed to his county. Nevertheless, after the bishop's death, his past opposition to Comte Otto-Guillaume may have provided an excuse for his son to intervene in the Chalon succession if he had a legitimate claim. Secondly, considering the likely birth date of her son, Gerberge's first marriage must have taken place while her husband and father-in-law were still reigning kings of Italy. They were under continuous pressure from Otto I King of Germany and it is likely that Adalberto's marriage could have brought additional political support. It is not clear how the relatively obscure count of Chalon could have provided this. Thirdly, after the death in 978 of Lambert Comte de Chalon, and his widow's second marriage to Geoffroy I Comte d'Anjou, no record haas been found in the primary sources so far consulted of Henri Duke of Burgundy intervening to prevent Comte Geoffroy taking control of the county of Chalon, which would seem the likely course of action if his wife was the deceased count's oldest child. Fourthly, Gerberge's estimated birth date creates serious chronological problems if she was the daughter of Lambert's only known wife Adelais. Considerable doubt therefore appears to subsist on this origin of Gerberge, although no alternative can as yet be proposed if we are to respect the wording of the Vita. She married secondly Henri Duke of Burgundy [Capet]. The necrology of Auxerre cathedral records the death 11 Dec of "Gerberga comitissa uxor Henrici ducis". Adalberto & his wife had [two] children:
      a) GUGLIELMO di Ivrea ([960/62]-Dijon 21 Sep 1026). Rodulfus Glaber names "Willemus, Henrici ducis priuignus, Adalberti Longobardorum ducis filius" and records that, as a boy, he was secretly stolen from the land of the Lombards and restored to his mother with no small cunning by a certain monk. "Einricus…imperator" confirmed the property of the abbey of Fruttuaria, referring to property donated by "Otto qui et Vuillielmus comes filius Adalberti nepos Berengarii regis", by charter dated 1014. It is assumed from this that he was imprisoned as a child by Emperor Otto I in Italy after his father and paternal grandfather were deposed as kings of Italy. The Chronicle of Saint-Bénigne, interpolated into the Chronicle of Alberiic de Trois-Fontaines, names "Guilelmum Ottonem et eius matrem Gerbergam" when recording that he was adopted by his mother's second husband "dux Burgundie Henricus". He adopted the name OTHON-GUILLAUME. He succeeded as OTHON [I] Comte de Mâcon, by right of his first wife.
      b) [WILLIBIRG. Jackman suggests that the mother of Hunifried canon at Strasbourg was the daughter of Adalberto associate King of Italy. He bases this on onomastic reasons, in particular the importation of the Ivrean name Berengar into the famimily of Liutold and the use of "Willa" among the ancestors of Adalbert King of Italy. However, another origin is suggested by the necrology of Zwiefalten which records the death "XIV Kal Dec" of "Unruoch proavus Liutoldi comitis". If this greagreat grandfather were the father of Willibirg, it may also explain how the name Berenger entered the family, assuming Unruoch was related to the Unruochingi Counts of Friulia. m LIUTOLD Graf im Sundgau, son of KONRAD Duke of Swabia [Konradiner] & his wife Richlint of Germany.]”«s87» [1]
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    Father Berengario II, King of Italy,   b. Abt 900,   d. 6 Jul 966  (Age ~ 66 years) 
    Mother Willa, d’Arles,   d. Aft 963 
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    Family Gerberge 
    +1. Otto-William or Othon-Guillaume, Comte de Mâcon and Duke of Burgundy,   b. Between 960 and 962,   d. 21 Sep 1026  (Age ~ 66 years)
     2. Willibirg
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  • Sources 
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